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GOL. Breaks Ground for State of the Art Hospital in Bopolu City

(Congo Town, Monrovia, January 22, 2021)—The government emphasis on rebuilding Liberia’s health system with the construction of more health facilities that meet universal standard remains one of its major priorities among its many agenda.

To fulfil this endeavor, the government of Liberia Thursday, January 21, 2021, broke grounds for the construction of a modern state of the art one hundred bed rooms hospital in Bopolu city, Gbarpolu.

The hospital project, which will further enhance infrastructural development in the health sector and increase access to quality health care service delivery in Gbarpolu and its surrounding Counties, will also have an area of 52,000 square feet with all modern facilities including urgent care department, diagnostic department, operation theater, mother and child department, NICU and intensive care department, internal medicine and pulmonology department etc. Its major source of energy will be solar energy.

The gigantic project which is expected to be completed in fourteen months by the Intbox Global UAE-based Horizontal construction company through the Government of UAE is a gesture of goodwill as a result of the outstanding bilateral relations between the Government of UAE and Liberia respectively. It holds the humanitarian values and universal brotherhood cherished by the government of U.A.E and its commitment to the people of Liberia.

Breaking official grounds for the milestone project was Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister of Health, who lauded the government of U.A.E. through the intervention of H.E. President George Weah for contributing to the country’s health sector.

Giving the capacity of the project, the Minister told the people of Gbarpolu that there will be more healthcare workers in the county unlike its current size of about 263: “Today is a great day for all of us—to see Gbarpolu County becoming host of a regional hospital, where people will come from other counties for quality services. As a result of this, we will make sure we increase the numbers of current healthcare workers, 263, in the county—we will triple it or make it more”.

She beseeched the people of the county and the region to serve as ambassadors of the hospital for its maintenance and said H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah and government places major emphasis in the sector and is doing everything possible to help improve it for the benefit of the larger population.

“If this hospital will last longer it depends on you the people of this great county. Step up to your plate; do your part and the partners will do theirs which will bring in more hospitals in the Country”, the Health Minister urged her people in brief remarks.

The County since its existence will for the first time benefit from such unique health care infrastructure which will immensely help residents of the region with accessible health care services.

Also part of the delegation was Dr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Minister for Health Service and Chief Medical Office of the Republic of Liberia who then acknowledged the support of his immediate boss, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, all line ministries, the Superintendent, and the County Health Team, the Women leadership of Gbarpolu; most importantly the Islamic School that captivated the two-member delegation.

As part of the agreement, the government of Liberia through the Ministry of health has already secure USD 5M drugs which is currently in the Country, disclosed Dr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Health Minister.         

Also during the ground breaking ceremony was Wesseh Blamo, Deputy Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, who thus far commended the partners and the locals for their initial willingness and commitment to the project.

The Deputy Minister of State boss said over three thousand people are expected to benefit from the historic Health care project upon full completion in 2022.

In remarks, the Project Director and Consultant, Dr. Rajeer Mangottil underscored that the objective of the project is to among other things make health care accessible to people living in the Western region of Liberia, which is a major part of the government of UAE Humanitarian agenda.

Signed: ______________________________________

            Felecia Gbesioh

            Director of Communication, MOH

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