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The purpose of these guidelines is to protect Liberia from the further spread of COVID-19 and to limit the spread Of COVID-19 from Liberia to other countries. All travelers must wear a mask during transit and upon arrival in Liberia. All non-exempt* incoming and outgoing travelers will be tested for COVID-19 in Liberia. The testing fee is US$75. This fee will be used to support the costs associated with the COVID•19 outbreak response, e.g. testing, case investigation, contact tracing, and data management.


All arriving diplomats and their families and honorary consuls are exempt from testing. The exempt status does not apply to Liberian diplomats without foreign assignment. In lieu of testing, all exempt incoming travelers MUST present a negative PCR COVID-19 test result upon arrival at the airport in Liberia. The result must be from an accredited lab and must have been conducted within 96 hours of arrival in Liberia. Children under five years of age are exempt from all COVID-19 testing.


Incoming and outgoing travelers can check online for their COVID-19 test results at 2 to 3 days after their testing sample was collected. To check test results online, travelers must enter the unique identification number they were given when their test sample was collected + their year of birth.



1. Before arrival, exempt and non-exempt travelers must complete a Health Screening Arrival Form via the Liberia Travel application (“Lib travel app”):

Android link:

Apple Store link:

2. Travelers must pay US$75 for the cost Of COVID Testing. It is highly recommended that travelers complete the payment process prior to arrival. (Anyone experiencing problems with the app will receive assistance at the airport.)


1. All incoming travelers must wear a mask upon arrival and will have a mandatory temperature check and their symptom screening forms will be reviewed.

2. Travelers must show proof of payment and completion of the symptom tracker form. Travelers who did not pay the testing fee prior to arrive must pay at the IJBA banking window and provide a proof of payment before testing.

3. The National Public Health Reference Lab team will test all non-exempt travelers for COVID-19. Travelers should ensure they provide correct contact details and will receive a unique identification number to retrieve their test result online.

4. Exempt travelers who do not provide a valid negative COVID-19 test result will also be tested upon arrival.

5. Travelers who test PCR positive for COVID-19 will undergo treatment based on Liberia’s case management guidelines.

6. It is strongly recommended that ALL INCOMING TRAVELERS stay home for 7 days andself-monitor their symptoms via the Lib Travel app for a period of 14days, beginning the day after arrival in Liberia.

7. Voluntary testing will be available at the airport free of charge for exempt travelers, if desired.

8. Cabin Crew, Captains, Flight Engineers and First Officers:

A. All cabin crew, captains, flight engineers, and first officer with layovers less than 48 hours will be exempted from testing if they complete pre-boarding testing per their airline’s policy and comply with symptom screening procedures while in Liberia.

B. On arrival at the airport, cabin crew captain, flight engineers, and first officer will complete screening and proceed to their designated flight crew hotel.

C. Crew, captains, flight engineers, and first officers with layover of more than 48 hours must follow the testing protocols below before departure.


1. All non-exempt departing passengers must present certification of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result from a test that was conducted by Liberia’s National Public Health Reference Laboratory within 3 days (72 hours) of their flight. Results of tests that were conducted more than three days before their flight will not be accepted.

In order to receive test results in time for flight departure, passengers must be tested at the Union Center 3 days before their scheduled departure. For example: If their flight leaves on Friday, travelers should be tested at Union Center on Tuesday prior to their flight.

2. COVID-19 testing is available at the Union Center located in Sophia, Congo Town, Monrovia from 9 am to 4 pm, 7 days per week.

3. All duly accredited Diplomats and their families are not required to test for COVID-19 upon departure. However, testing will be available at the Union Center free of charge for exempt travelers if requested. The exempt status for diplomats does not apply to Liberian diplomats without foreign assignment. PLEASE NOTE: Although the Government of Liberia does not require exempt outgoing travelers to be tested for COVID-19, airlines may nevertheless require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from all travelers prior to boarding the plane regardless of exempt status.

4. ALL travelers are encouraged to register at prior to arrival at the Union Center. To register, select “Request a Travel Certificate” and fill out the requested information. Travelers should ensure they provide correct contact details and will receive a unique identification number to retrieve their test result online.

5. All non-exempt outgoing travelers are required to pay a COVID-19 charge of US$75 either online when they register at OR at the UBA window at the Union Center.

6. Travelers with a negative test result can request their online certificate-at

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