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A.U Donates Three Vehicles to the Ministry

Office of the Communication Director

On Monday, July 1, 2019: AU donates three good working condition vehicles to the Ministry of Health (MoH)

Amb. Ibrahim M. Kamara special representative of the chairperson of the AU to Liberia said, it was a pleasure to hand over the three Suvs vehicles to the Ministry of Health because the AU is more particular about the health of its members.

He further noted that the leaving of the AU should not be seen as an abandonment for Liberia but rather a stability.

Amb. Kamara said they strongly believe that Liberia has gone through a smooth and peaceful transition and the peace will be sustained.

They will be monitoring Liberia from a distance because they don’t want the presence of the AU to send out the wrong message that Liberia is still unstable but rather want their exit to give a positive image that Liberia is stable.

Amb M. Kamara then added that they were here to monitor the stability and prosperity of this country which is what they have been doing for the past fifteen years since the office was opened

He referred to it as the highest serving liaison office ever. He also saw their departure as been timely because the AU is very proud of Liberia present stability. He then noted that they will continue to engage Liberia from headquarters.

Ecowas he added, is not going to move because they looked at the sub region organizations. 

Speaking on behalf of Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, the chief medical officer Dr. Francis Kateh, lauded the AU and ambassador Ibrahim M. Kamara for everything he has done personally as a representative of AU in the country.  Dr. Kateh indicated that the dedication of vehicles made by the AU to the Ministry was not a surprise to him because the AU during the (EVD) Ebola outbreak, supported the ministry greatly.

According to him, the AU have donated equipment including a generator to the government hospital in Buchanan at the time their one and only generator was down. He admonished the AU mission to remember Liberia in whatsoever they do as they leave taking a part of Liberia with them. 

The AU closing up with asset being given to the ministry of health did not also come as a surprise according to Dr. Kateh, thus, there is no better place for asset to come but to the ministry of health. AU he said, played a major role doing the time of Ebola while he worked closely with them in making sure Ebola was contained in the country. 

Dr. Kateh finally assured the AU that the donation would be used for the intended purpose.

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