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Samaritan’s Purse New Eye Center Offered Free Surgeries in Tellewayon Medical Center

The Samaritan’s purse New Sight Eye Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Health held a one week of major eye surgical operations in Voinjama District Lofa County from August 19-23, 2019. Its intent was to restore better eye sight to those faced with eyes condition residing in Lofa and its suburb. 

Speaking to the Ministry of Health TV,  Mrs. kou Bamakoa Sims, Health Sector Manager of  Samaritan’s Purse said, the operation  seeks to address situations ranging from CATARACTS TO NEARLY VISUAL IMPAIR INDIVIDUAL .She further noted that the campaign declared  against cataracts is sponsored by Samaritan’s purse and implemented by the new sight eye center located in Monrovia. 

The actual cost of this project is about fifteen thousand united state dollars ($15, 00.00USD) she added. This eye operation is Samaritan ‘s purse own way of evangelism as they preach Christ across the nation. 

The patients on the other hand, lamented the need for an extension in the time frame of this surgical operations, on grounds that the number of people wanting to undergo treatment has increased from approximately 1000 to 1,500 or more.

 Lofa County isdensely populated, geographically large and the number of persons that left their homes was still optimistic to be served. One major reason for the growing number of people on a daily basic as the operation continued was because of families being inspired by the testimonies of their love ones. So, they were moved to pull in their numbers. 

However, the supervisor on this program said nothing could be done despite the massive turnout. Meanwhile, there is a set priority on target (cataracts). She indicated that most of the cases screened were not eye cataracts but rather Pterygium (flesh growing on the eye), while others could have been spiritual.

According to Mrs. Sims, while it is true that the turnout is overwhelming, the trip itself is a field survey and a case study hoping that the ministry of health and partners would see the need to making sure that immediate attention is drawn to the eye sector in Liberia.                             

Also speaking to this TV was the chief administrator of Tellewayon Medical Hospital Mr. Albert M Colee. He was amazed by the soul touching testimonies of patients who over the period have suffered the effects of cataracts and blindness for years.  

They were seen glorifying God for the Samaritan’s purse, new sight eye center and the government of Liberia. He outlines several challenges faced by the Tellewayon Medical Hospital, but the most disturbing one is running the facility without an eye surgeon, cognizant that the hospital is a very large place.

Meanwhile, the assistant District Development Superintendent Samuel Mulbah lauded the team of surgeon headed by Robert Dolo assisted by Clarence Nyan Menteh for a brilliant and significant job done so far, and would have appreciated more if the exercise would stay and even extend beyond Lofa County as well as other parts of the District.  

Climaxing the entire Surgical Operation was Dr. Joseph L Kerkulah program manager, National Eye Health of the Ministry of Health located in the oldest Congo town. 

According to Dr. Kerkulah, the surgical outreach was successful on grounds that they anticipated treating only fifty (50) persons for the entire five (5) days but exceeded the target and treated three times that number. He further went on to say that “based on our experience in Rivercess we did pre campaign awareness and mobilization that led to the huge turnout of patients in the Voinjama region. we would actually love to return and do more work in that region but the issue of funding remains a challenge. Hence, the training of eye surgeons cannot be over emphasized.” 

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