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mStar Relinquish Operations to Ministry of Health

Monrovia, Liberia, April 19, 2018-A USAID funded project, Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) for short, has eventually relinquished its operations to the Ministry of Health. Operated for a little over two years, the mSTAR project affords health workers the opportunity to receive their salaries through Mobile.

The official turning over ceremony which took place at Bella Casa Hotel in Sinkor, Monrovia on Thursday April 19, 2018 brought together stakeholders from the Health sector, Civil Service Agency, USAID Liberia, Ministry Of Finance Development and Planning and Civil Society Organization among others.

The USAID boss also stated that across the country, District Education Officers (DEOs), District Health Officers (DHO), HR Supervisors, CSA Regional Officers and other local leaders have been trained on the Operations of the program.

She said the program is a good thing, especially for our health workers who aresituated in the hard to reach counties”.

The Deputy Health Minister reminded health workers that leaving their facilities for days to receive salaries while abandoning patients to get to the bank for salaries was totally unacceptable. She said, “Liberia needs healthy citizens to develop the country and if patients don’t receive the needed care, they cannot contribute to Liberia’s growth in promoting its Pro- poor agenda.

Minister Howard continued that it’s the vision of the Ministry of Health to see its employees staying at their respective places of assignment and receive their salary in time and conveniently, instead of leaving the health facility and going to the banks to collect their salaries.

She praised health workers for the tremulous sacrifices they are making throughout the country, most especially those working in the hard to reach areas; as such we need to do all within our power as stakeholders to ensure that they receive the necessary motivation package to encourage them render more quality services to the Liberian people.

Minister Howard also expressed satisfaction over the level of work done by MOH team and further called on authorities responsible to provide the needed assistance and logistical support to the Ministry so as to ensure the sustainability of the program after Fhi360/MStar shall have left the country.

“We want 100 percent of our health workers enrolled on the program because ifhealthcare workers don’t receive pay, our people will not receive the necessary health care they need. So, we will continue to push for this 100 percent and we arecommitted to this initiative for the future of Liberia. ” She said.

For his part, USAID/Liberia Mission Director, Tony Chan lauded the team for the successful implementation of the program and called on all stakeholders to ensure a 100% enrollment of their employees. He however, pledged his Organization unwavering support and remains committed to working with the government of Liberia in achieving its agenda.

The USAID boss also stated that across the country, District Education Officers (DEOs), District Health Officers (DHO), HR Supervisors, CSA Regional Officers and other local leaders have been trained on the Operations of the program.

“In the past months, we have enrolled 78% education and health workers into the program”. The GOL and mSTAR have worked hard to spread awareness of the program, playing radio jingles in several counties including the production of video materials, posters, flyers, newsletters and talk shows”.

He said all education and health workers on the GOL payroll can visit their DEOor DHO to enroll in mobile salary payments. “We are proud to have worked on thisproject and look forward to its growth under the purview of the Government ofLiberia,” said USAID/Liberia Mission Director, Tony Chan.

In remarks, Finance and Development Planning Comptroller General, Mr. Janga Kowo expressed gratitude to mSTAR for the successful execution of the project and lauded USAID for the technical, moral and financial assistance. He promisedgovernment’s commitment to sustaining the program. He vowed that government will provide the necessary budgetary support for the program in the interest of its people.

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