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Liberia distributes 2. 7million Mosquito Nets to combat Malaria as it celebrates World Malaria Day.

First Lady Clar Weah, has launched the 2018 nationwide distribution of insecticide mosquito nets and personally presented the first nine nets to three residents at a program marking World malaria Day held at the Paynsville town hall outside Monrovia.

Mrs. Weah acknowledged efforts made by the government and partners in combating malaria, but however observed that malaria still remains a major health challenge. “We all must doall we can as a country to bring malaria to Zero degree in Liberia and this can only be done collectively and notindividually” First lady Weah asserted..

She called on her compatriots to use the nets for the purpose intended and not otherwise. “If we use the nets that will bedistributed for the intended purpose, we will soon have a reduction of malaria cases in our country. Mrs. Weah wants everybody everywhere, in every home, sleep under the insecticides nets in order to defeat the menace.

The colorful event which started with a parade through the principle streets of the city of Paynesville, brought together students, partners and other stakeholders dressed in T-shirts with inscriptions, roll back malaria. In 2000, African leaders gathered in Abujar, the Capital city of Nigeria and reached the decision for this day to be celebrated as African Malaria Day.

However, having realized that malaria does not only affect people in Africa, the leaders convened another forum in 2006 where they altered the name, African Malaria Day to World Malaria Day.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, who is also a former Health Minister, Doctor Peter Coleman spoke extensively on the genesis and effect of the disease globally.“Malaria has infested every part of the world and it’s about timethat we place more emphasis on the reduction of Malaria in thecountry”, Senator Coleman said.

Senator Coleman wants the Ministry Of Health to begin to roll up its sleeves in the fight against Malaria and further encourage the citizens to sleep under the nets.
He acknowledged efforts made to reduce the prevalence of malaria, but advised that more needs to be done.

For her part, Health Minister Dr. Wihelmina Jallah, paid special tributes to healthcare workers across the country for their effort in providing care and specifically combating malaria. She also lauded the partners for their support to the health sector. “I will first say thank you to our health workers through which our country is doing so much in tackling malaria”. Minister Jallah continued, “You are our foot soldiers and you carefully deal with so many malaria cases daily”. She also hailed the partnersfor their technical and financial support to the ministry over the years.

She further gave special thanked to the first lady for being the chief launcher of the Nets distribution and also pleaded with citizens that the nets are not to be sold rather it must be used in homes to combat malaria.

Also speaking at the World malaria Day Celebration, US Ambassador expressed delight over efforts made by the ministry and other partners for the success so far and renewedWashington’s commitment in helping to make Liberia malaria free.

The US Envoy also thanked the ministry for further progress in improving the supply chain system in a bid to ensure drugs reach the last Mile.

Earlier, Deputy Health Minister for Administration, Norwu Howard, introducing the First lady, thanked the latter for her presence at the occasion including the other participants. “With the launch of the treated mosquitoes nets by the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia, Madam Clar Weah, whom she referred to as the Malaria Ambassador it is believed that Malaria can be reduce to the lowest if not eradicated 100%. Minister Howardcontinued, “This is evident by that fact that Mrs. Weah has been an advocator even before her ascendancy as first lady”, she asserted.

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