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WAHO Ends Two Days Regional Media Meeting in Burkina Faso

A two day regional media meeting has ended in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou.

The meeting, attended by 50 Health Communication Specialists was convened by the West African Health Organization, an annual event intended to share its activities and strategic plans with the Specialists.

In his closing remarks, the Director General of WAHO , Xavier Crespin, encouraged the media Specialists to invest more of their time into reporting heath issues concerning their respective countries.

A release from the Communication Director of the Ministry of Health, Sorbor George who also attended the meeting, quotes Dr. Crespin as reminding them about the important role they have to play in informing their populations about the need for quality health care .

He also wants them use innovative means in making WAHO’s activities visible in their respective countries.

The WAHO Director General also appealed to the media personnel to use their platforms, explaining WAHO’s importance and interventions. In the sub region.

It can be recalled that during the Ebola crisis in the three west African countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the regional group WAHO was very instrumental in giving aid money and parts of efforts that led to the dispatch of medical personnel to help tackle the epidemic.

The just ended WAHO’s meeting for Communication Socialists was the third of its kind .  The first was held in 2015 to strengthen the Communication Specialists’ knowledge on WAHO’s activities, while the second witnessed the setting up of the a network of zhesjth Communication Specialists for the region.

Signed: Sorbor George

Director of Communication/MOH

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