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In consequence of increasing cases of the coronavirus disease in Liberia and given the statistics of the current spread of the virus in the communities, it’s modes of transmission and prevention, the Ministry of Health hereby announces a revised set of National COVID-19 Guidelines pursuant to chapter 14 of the public health law of Liberia as follows.

The revised guidelines will take immediate effect and remain in effect until otherwise modified: 

1. Passengers who have been travelling from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh within the last 14 days will be not allowed entry into Liberia.

 2. All persons shall mandatorily     

         a. Wear mask at all times in public     

         b. Ensure social physical distancing of a minimum of three (3) feet    from each other     

         c. Wash hands with soap and clean water, or alcohol-bases sanitizer     

d. COVID positive persons and contacts.  All persons tested positive for COVID-19 there and contacts are requiring to comply with health authorities and related health rules such as keeping phone lines open, self-quarantine, submission to quarantine or observation measures, and adherence to medical advice.

 3. Public offices are required to reduce staff by 50%, while others work at home.

4. All institutions of learning, places of worship shall remain open but strictly follow the health protocols listed in count 2 above.

5. Large gatherings of more than 20 persons including parties, weddings, vigils/wake, funerals are disallowed. Gatherings involving up to 20 persons are permitted provided the attendees follow the health protocols listed in count 2 about.

6. Sporting events are allowed but only in empty stadium (without spectators).

 7. Restaurants and cook shops shall remain open provided persons and staff in attendance follow the health protocols listed in count 2 above.

8. Barber shops, lodges, and beauty salons and persons and staff in attendance shall follow the health protocols listed in count 2 above.

9. Banks shall only allow ten people at a time in service area and those outside the banks shall keep a distance of at least three feet apart from each other while awaiting service. Persons and staff in attendance shall follow the health protocols listed in Count 2 above.

10. Public Transports: taxis shall carry no more than three passengers in the back and one passenger in the front; kehkehs should carry only two passengers in the back and no passenger in the front, motor bikes shall carry only one passenger. All drivers/riders and passengers shall follow the protocols listed under count 2 above. Compulsory mask wearing is hereby imposed in all public transports.

11. All ports of entry and international traveler shall follow these guidelines as well as any other from the Liberia immigrations services, the Civil Aviation.

12. Transportation of the dead bodies of confirmed Covid19 person:

In or and out of the republic of Liberia is prohibited during this emergency. All airlines and funeral homes are advised to take note of this prohibition and all other existing health protocols.

13. All supermarkets and Large stores must insist on mask wearing and allow only 20 customers at a time, while those customers observe social distancing by being always a minimum of three feet apart. Those outside shall remain outside and stand a minimum of three feet apart as well, as they await their turn to be served. All businesses are under obligation to ensure that count 2 are complied with.

14. All health facilities, health institutions and pharmacies will remain open for routine service, with social distancing practices. All safety rules and procedures at hospitals and all facilities shall be strictly adhere to. Mandatory mask wearing is imposed at all health institutions.

15. All marketers, street sellers and buyers are required to abide by the health protocols listed in count 2.

16. Night clubs and bars shall close at 9pm, observing the 20 persons’ restrictions; other related entertainment centers such as businesses dealing in alcoholic beverages shall close at 9pm

17. Community dwellers are required to report people who show signs and symptoms of the coronavirus such as (coughing, fever, difficulty breathing) in their communities to relevant health and security authorities. Please call (4455).

19. Sanctions: violation of these guidelines shall be dealt with in keeping with section 14.6 of the public health law which states in part:

“Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter or any of the rules made thereunder shall, upon conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding (US$200.00) two hundred United States dollars or imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or both such fine and imprisonment”.

Additionally, the government may be compelled to impose a lockdown and or curfew if these guidelines are not fully complied.

20. The Ministry of Justice, as head of the joint security, shall in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, enforce these guidelines without prejudice.

Given Under my hand in the city of Monrovia this 17 day of June A. D. 2021

Signed: ________________________________________

              Wilhelmina Jallah

              Minister of Health

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