Health Services


Subject to the authority and direction of the Minister, the department of Health Services is responsible to carry out the following duties:

  • formulate program policies to facilitate and promote improvement in health;
  • work in close collaboration with the Director General of National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL);
  • ensure surveillance system is established and effective to monitor priority diseases of publish health importance;
  • coordinate the development of national standards, guidelines, and plans for implementation of programmatic activities and public health interventions;
  • ensure program operational plans are integrated at all levels and health sector contingency plans for emergencies are developed; 
  • ensure programs and units under a Division maintain high levels of coordination and communication to facilitate horizontal rather than vertical integration;
  • ensure provision of quality curative and rehabilitation of health care services through accessible and quality medical care and support services and adequate and viable pharmaceutical products and laboratory services are accessible; promote collative and mutually beneficial coordination with complementary medicine services ;
  • ensure the development and periodic revision of national policy, treatment guidelines and standards related to pharmaceutical supplies and services;
  • provide effective supervision over county health services;
  • identify training needs and promote staff capacity development in consultation with the Department of Administration and Policy Planning and M&E;
  • coordinate training in collaboration with the Department of Planning and M&E based on programmatic and public health sector needs; and
  • perform duties the Minister may, from time to time, assign to the office Deputy Minister for Health Services.

Units within department of Health Services