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World Bank Donates Ventilator To Liberia

The World Bank (WB) on July 23, 2020 donated 20 ventilators to the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health (MOH) to boost Liberia’s preparedness in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak in the Country, which amount to 24 ventilators in the Country.

The Bank made the donation to adequately prepare the country for the threat posed by the virus, especially if cases start to rise and more ventilators are required to aid patients’ recovery.

 “Timely provision of supplies is important to ensure that Liberia meets the targets established in its COVID-19 response plan,” said Sonpson B. Sieh, World Bank Technical Coordinator of Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement Project. “To detect, diagnose, and treat COVID-19 cases, Liberia must have the necessary supplies of laboratory, medical and personal protective equipment.”

According to Sieh, the donation from the World Bank is geared toward ensuring that Liberian “lives are safe by building the health system in the Country.” The donation by the Bank is valued at US$699,500.

This, Sieh said, is part of the US$17 million budget that was given to the government by the World Bank, to respond to the fight against the virus and strengthen the country’s response to disease outbreaks and emergencies.

Its goals are to mitigate and contain the transmission of COVID-19, ensure adequate management of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and as well strengthen the laboratory network systems for COVID-19 detection and other infectious diseases.

Receiving the donation, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah said the ventilators will be distributed to treatment units and major health facilities to ensure people of Liberia are safe.

Dispelling fears, the energetic Minister of Health said that the country has technicians who are trained to properly use and maintain the machines, terming the ventilators as none invasive and can be used for both adults and children.  

“We have 24 ventilators now in Liberia. We are doing very well as a country. These ventilators will be distributed to our treatment units and later to our major health centers to provide the necessary treatment for our people, “Dr. Jallah emphasized.

In conclusion, the Minister thanked World Bank and partners for contribution to Liberia’s fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Signed: _______________________________________

           Felecia Gbesioh

           Director of Communication, MOH

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