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Chrisitian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) DONATION

As part of preparations to fight the corona virus which continue to spread in other countries around the world, the Ministry Health have receive a donation of two hundred boxes of face mask from the Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) a non-governmental organization operating in the country.

Making the donation, Madam Patricia Kamara, Executive Director of the organization said the donation of the masks is to complement government efforts in preparation to fight the corona virus is fast spreading around the world.

Madam Kamara noted that the early preparation of the health sector to fight any outbreak in a country is the best thing to do by the Ministry of health of that country and commend the government through the ministry of health for their efforts.

“We from CHAL don’t want it be like what happened during the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in 2014 that claimed the lives many of our people, when the health sector of our country was not prepared for any outbreak”, she stressed.

Receiving the donation on behave of the ministry, Madam Nuwoh Howard, Deputy Minister for Administration thanked CHAL for the donation, noting that the items came right at the time when the Ministry is in preparing to ensure the protection of anyone that would enter the country with any sign or symptom of the virus.

Minister Howard disclosed that the ministry is making sure that systems are setup to contain the spread of any respiratory disease and virus in the country.

According to her the Ministry in collaboration with the National Public Health Institution of Liberia (NPHIL) has being working to ensure that structures are erected at the airport and various points of entry in order to scare up surveillance all over the country in making sure that citizens are well protected.

Minister Howard, “it is our prayer and hope that this virus does not hit us, but viruses have no border, so all we can do is to be in the state of preparedness”.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister for Administration of the Ministry of Health Nuwoh Howard has called on all of the Ministry’s partners, NGOs, INGOs and other civil society organizations in and out of the country to join the fight in the prevention of the corona virus and that the ministry is opened to more donations.

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