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Community Health Services Division Holds It’s National Quarterly Review Meeting

Office of the Communication Unit


The Community Health Services Division at the Ministry of Health in collaboration with County Health Teams (CHTs), County Health Officers (CHOs), County Health Focus Persons (CHFPs), Medical Directors, Senior Management  Team, Donors and implementing Partners  held a meeting  at the Wuo Garbie Tappia Intellectual hall, at  the Peace Empire hotel in Gompa, Nimba County.

Acknowledging Partners, including the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of the Republic of Liberia (CMO), our Donors and implementing Partners, Director Wiah of the Community Health services Division appreciated UNICEF, LAST MILE HEALTH, PLAN INTERNATIONAL, PACS AND PIH for their timely intervention inspite of the challenges faced in the Health Sector. He also thanked the CHOs, CHTs, Ministers, Directors of other Programs for the attendance and support.

Grand Bassa County CHO, Dr. Anthony Tucker, appreciated Donors and Implementing Partners for their continuous support to the Health Sector. He acknowledged the dedicated performances of Health Practitioners despite the constraints faced by the sector. 

He also lauded the National Government for the allotment but called on her to see the need for the inclusion of the County Health Service Supervisors (CHSS) on the payroll. 

Rev. John Sumo, Director of the Health Promotion Division stressed the need for integration of various Programs as well as Direct Budgetary Support for other Divisions lacking, to mention, Health Promotion Division, Communication Unit etc. 

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Minister Chea Sanford Wesseh expressed gratitude to the CHSD leadership of the County Health Team (CHTs), leaders at the central level, Donors, and Implementing Partners for their commitment and financial support towards the implementation of the National Community Health Assistant Program. 

Minister Wesseh disclosed that there are work to be done but the first priority needed to be implemented after such an interactive Review Meeting is, to share the action points within two weeks in order for participants inputs to be made and finalized.

 As a way forward he said, all programs will be tracked regularly both at Central and County level. He also amplified progresses made so far, but there is still an urgent need to do more as a Ministry by demonstrating results that would visualize the success of the program. 

He then emphasized the need for the Monitoring and Evaluation Division to exert pressure on their colleagues to enable them do their work effectively. He indicated that the issue around HR transition and the stockout issue will happen at the National level.Minister Wesseh conclusively called on health practitioners to remain proactive as the senior management team engage the Supply Chain Unit and lobby with Donors to see how they can invest in the Supply Chain to have a laudable performance.

Signed: Felecia Gbesioh

Director of Communication  

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