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Ministry of Health Graduates Obstetric and Neonatal Clinicians Today

Health Ministry graduated 11 obstetric and neonatal clinicians at its HQ in Congo town today through the family health division unit.

On behalf of the ministry at the opening ceremony Dr. Catherine T. Cooper assistant minister for curative services  made the welcoming remarks .Dr Cooper said ‘’the ministry of health is truly honor  to be hosting this graduation today because we are seeing this graduating class as  another millstone in our fight against maternal mortality’’. She further went on to appreciate the partners for standing with the ministry in these perilous times.

Meanwhile, speaking and giving some brief historical information of the organization Maternal and Child Health Advocacy International (MCAI) was Mr. Emmanuel D. Hne an obstetric clinician. Mr. Hne said that the organization maternal and child health advocacy international (MCAI)  aim is to save and improve the lives of seriously ill pregnant women ,babies and children in low resource countries , a charitable organization that was founded since 1995. Initially, MCAI was called child advocacy international (CAI) which changed her name to MCAI in 2019. The organization has worked with 11 countries and was relocated from England 2012 to Scotland. Providing additional information on the organization functions, professor David Southall Honorary Medical Director, said this world does has human right implication and that this program only works in the public health system not the private system. It doesn’t mean that they are not working with the private system he maintained. He also stated that the real essence of this work is to look after the poorest people who cannot afford hospital or clinical funds.

Closing the program was the deputy minister for administration Norwu G. Howard  said our training  midwife has successfully performed several functions with very minimum mortality, neonatal care has been put on charged and  group of staffs that you can actually  count on and that will contribute significantly to the reduction in our neonatal motility rate in our country .she strongly believe that if the right people are giving the skills, knowledge ,and tools to performs a task, and if appropriate steps are taken for all procedures and  supervisors who do the jobs for which they signed up for which is to mentor,  coach , and supervise the system will get its intended results .This program have trained staffs on the use of new skills of performing surgery. Madam Howard cautioned teachers and maintained that they must provide path way to evaluate pain, provide path way to follow for the use of pain medication every time a drug is used. She emphasized the need to develop a registry that would be monitored closely having the inclusion of clinical details and photos of pregnant women before and after their delivery of visitation.  

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