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MOH Holds Stakeholders Workshop

In her opening remarks, Health Minster Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, lauded the partners and stakeholders for their presence despite the short notice. She went on to say “as we may be aware, drugs and supply chain is a national concern in the Health sector”. Dr. Jallah further noted that as of February 2019, the issue of drug and supply chain would be channeled through her office until things are straighten as she takes full responsibility. The Minister also stressed the need for us as a people, to take charge of the Health sector in accordance with the PAPD. She emphasized the urgent need for a good and strong primary health care system, where drugs, technicians, midwives and micro-scopes would be put in place as a way of fixing the primary health care system in the country. 

According to Dr. Jallah, JFK and other referrals will only see brain surgery and other major cases instead of cases like malaria, typhoid, diarrhea etc.  She said these minor cases have been taken to referrals because the primary healthcare is not strengthened. She concluded by saying, improvements would be made on most of the programs partners are spending their resources on once monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are structured in place.

Also speaking at the meeting was Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of Finance and Development planning. Minister Tweah asserted that the greatest contribution brought on board by the administration of the Ministry of Health is not in the area of development plan, neither is it in the area of new thinking but new momentum but new energy that can be used to solve these problems as a government and partners. He further noted that the introduction of a performance culture, matching of a political will at the practical level, will abolish the solving of selfish needs. Minister Tweah then recommended the sustainability of these meetings probably on a monthly basis and, he proposed the development of the matrix which is a unique document because of its practical approach. He said the need for having a practical leadership, best attitudes, accountability of drugs and fuel distribution, and the increasing of support to the counties, save money and alignment cannot be over emphasized. Despite the challenges with in the Health Sector, there are achievements being made. The MOH through the Human Resource enrolled this year the newest intern/ graduates in the payroll system to include 39 doctors, 37 pharmacist. Workforce have increased with 200 extra staff to build up capacity were also enrolled into the payroll system according to the Human Resource department. In Conclusion Deputy Minister for Administration, Norwu G. Howard, thanked the legislature, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Partners and the MOH family for their level of commitment.

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