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MOH and Partners Open Three Day Joint Appraisal Meeting in Monrovia

A three day gathering involving the Ministry of Health, GAVI representatives and other partners working in the Health Sector opens in Monrovia on Monday August 27 at the Corina Hotel.

A release quoting the Communication Consultant of the Ministry of Health, Sorbor George said, the gathering styled as the second phase of the joint appraisal update, aims  to critically review Liberia’s immunization performance.

A unit within the Ministry of Health called the Expanded Program on Immunization is responsible to fight vaccine preventable diseases.

It carries out a periodic vaccination campaigns against diseases including polio, measles among others.

In an opening remarks, Deputy Health Minister for Planning, Development and Research, Vaifee Tulay, thanked the participants for their presence and hoped they would conduct an honest assessment of the country’s immunization program.

Minister Tulay described evaluation as a key component of performance and it is against such backdrop that the ministry often carried out such exercise.

He further expressed delight over the quality of people attending the joint evaluation, adding we do expect a good outcome.

The Deputy Health Minister then formally opened the meeting on behalf of the ministry.

Speaking earlier, Development partners including WHO, USAID and UNICEF thanked the ministry for the level of progress in its immunization program and renewed their commitment to continue aiding the ministry and people of Liberia.

Signed:  Sorbor George
Communication Consultant/MOH
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