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Hon. Boakai Boley Takes over NDS

The Managing Director of the National Drugs Service Honorable Boakai Boley has initiated sweeping reforms at the entity dubbed the mitochondria of the healthcare delivery system.

He stressed transparency, accountability, and accessibility of quality healthcare products for the downtrodden masses in fulfillment of Pres. Weah’s Pro-poor Agenda. Among other things, the new MD promises to regain the confidence of International Partners.

His 100 days deliverables include, access to life saving drugs by the end user which completes the supply chain, accountability and documentation of donor funds, state of the art Information and technological service (interactive website), reviving the affordably Community Operated Pharmacies (COPs), timely payment of salaries and a pathway to the agency’s previous Simi-autonomy status!

He Lauded the Efforts of the outgoing MD Madam Margarette Korpor and the interim management Team for their efforts and leadership provided over 18 months. He also praised the Minister of Health Dr. Williamina Jallah for working assiduously hard to reform a broken healthcare sector.

“I am not waiting for 130 days to deliver, today is my day 14. Every day we must make gains no matter how small. You don’t want to fall, wake up in heaven, you want to wake-up in a well-functioning health center” Dr. Jallah Declared.

For his part, the Eloquent MD lauded the efforts by all stakeholders for steering the helm of NSD in these perilous times. He promised to build on the gains and continue confronting the magnanimous challenges.

“I am optimistic about the future of National Drugs Service.

As an optimist, my vantage point looking at this entity might be slightly different from the many pessimists who have given up due to our monumental challenges. I see a challenged but viable sector and most importantly a struggling battered and demoralized but resilient health workforce. The transformation of this sector will require sincerity, dedication, accountability, safety, and stability; attributes that must come from the leadership with a trickle-down effect. I come here humble with a listening ear. I come here open dialogue for amicable solutions. And most importantly I come here to serve and not a boss. I believe in few words and more actions. That you will see in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.” He concluded.

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