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High Powered Health Delegation on a Nationwide Tour Completes First Leg of its Mission

The nine-man high power health delegation on a nationwide tour to assess the performance of the health sector, wants government contribute its fair share of the country’s resources to the health sector.

The delegation headed by Deputy Health Minister for Administration, Norwu Howard suggests that the government’s support begins to come on time.

A statement from the ministry signed by its Communication Director, Sorbor George quoted Deputy Minister Howard as lauding the partners for their contributions to the sector , but wants the Ministry shoulder its responsibility to do more for the sector. Liberia runs a free health system introduced by the last administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The health delegation’s comment is in response to its assessment of shortage of essential drugs and adequate personnel affecting smooth healthcare delivery in Bong County.

The county health team told the delegation that the non-supply of drugs for one year has constrained it to begin purchasing drugs and other medical supplies on its own.

Earlier, the team named measles, yellow Fever and lasssa among others as diseases affecting the population in Bong County. The county is however carrying out massive community engagement, vaccination campaigns and active case management as response effort.

The team asserted that salaries payment was regular but was short on regular support for healthcare delivery services.

The delegation touring the country includes, World Health Organization, The US based Center for Disease Control and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia.

It’s mission in rural Liberia is in full legs and expected to climax by 17 May.

Signed: Sorbor George
Communication Director/MOH

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