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Health Minister, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah pays tribute to the United States Government and other partners

Office of the Communication Director
By: Gifty Clarke 

Dr. Jallah recalled that the maternal and Child Survival Program run by USAID over the years has greatly impacted the fight against maternal motality in Bassa, Nimba and Lofa counties. 

A Health Ministry Statement quotes Minister Jallah as promising to seek the interest and wellbeing of health workers who functioned especially in those counties. 

The Health Minister spoke Tuesday at Programs marking the official close out of the Maternal and Child Survival Program held at the Millennium Guest House in Congo Town. 

She described health workers as important assets and must be taken care of properly. 

The maternal and Child Survival Program was introduced after the cessation of the EVD outbreak, catering to facilities in the three counties. 

She also added that Sen. Peter Coleman who has being very instrumental in seeking the wellbeing of Health workers, is currently in talks with his colleges at the legislature and the executive to ensure that health workers who are on donors payroll be incorporated and place on government’s payroll. 

”I cannot say anything different from Sen Coleman, what ever he has said, we are going to make sure it’s implemented because you can never have a good health sector when those providing the services are not happy” Says Dr. Jallah 

“We will evaluate the project activities and if need be incorporate it into the ministry’s adgenda, adding that the USAID run project has made significant gain and we cannot allow it to go down the drain. Dr, Jallah asserted. She continued “ Those of you in the three counties working with this program, have acquire so many skills over the years, so we are going to be using your experiences as a lesson learnt for other counties to follow same” Dr. Jallah said.. 

In remarks, the Senate committee Chair on Health, Sen. Peter Coleman thanked USAID for the numerous support given to the sector over the years.
Sen. Coleman also lauded the FARA, a USAID sponsored program for proving support to specific counties but at the sametime pleaded with them to extend their support to other counties. “ Look, let me tell you, it will be good if a donor is supporting specific counties, let all the facilities in that county benefit instead of hand picking a particular facility especially those far away facilities. Everyone looking for good results too” Says Dr Coleman 

He said with some donors expected to gradually pull out in the not distance future, the government has no other option but to have these health workers who are on donors payroll incorporated on their payroll.” Although there’s lot of work to be done, but from the higher level, we are working on it”. Dr. Coleman pointed out 

Speaking for USAID, Dr. Anthony Chan said he is extremely delighted that USAID and other supporting partners could form part of this investment and count it as a great achievement for the US government as well. Dr. Chan noted that three years ago, after the EVD and coupled with the deteriorating condition of the health sector, the United States government through this project saw the need of establishing such program which he believes has made great impact to the entire health sector as a country. 

In addition Dr. Chain noted that although the MCSP program has ended, but there are other related programs that are focusing on Maternal and Child Health. 

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