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Performance Based Financing Unit Weeklong Training in Nimba

The Performance Based Financing Unit within the Ministry of Health has embarked on a weeklong training in Nimba, Sinoe and Lofa counties respectively.

Trainers from the PBF Unit provided a broader understanding of the program and further strengthened the capacity of healthcare providers to deliver quality service at all levels.

The training which was the first of its kind since the establishment of the Performance Based Financing Unit (PBF) on May 30, 2013, brought together participants from every sphere of the sector to gain knowledge on how to deliver a

result-based approach to improve quantity and quality of health services in hospitals and clinics.

The gathering took place at the Jackson F. Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County.

Rufus Saye, a proxy of the Nimba County Health Team welcomed the participants at the start of the training and encouraged them to take the training serious. He further said that the training will help increase the capacity of healthcare providers within Nimba and its surrounding villages.

Speaking earlier, PBF Manager, Vera Musa said health centers have been receiving funds directly based on the quantity and quality of health services provided.

“This encouraged health centers to focus on delivering quality results instead of challenges”, said the PBF boss. She continues by saying PBF program which is an integral part of the Ministry Of Health, continues to strengthen the health sector with support from partners by providing bonuses and incentives for healthcare across the country.

Hospitals administrators, Doctors, specialist, janitors and a host of other professionals at the Jackson F. Doe Referral Hospitals, Tappita were also in attendance.

The PBF has been a major source of motivation for healthcare workers.

In remarks, Assistance Health Minister for Preventive Services, Dr. Samson K.Arzoaquoi, who represented Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh, thanked the organizers for the training and further hailed health workers for their commitment and dedication being exhibited to duties.

Dr. Arzoaaquoi recalled that the PBF has been fruition due to partners support. Thanks to the World Bank for its technique and financial support to the program. He said since the introduction of the PBF program, healthcare providers have been motivated to deliver quality services.

He courage healthcare workers throughout the entire country to continue to work harder in order to benefit from the program.

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