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Donor Funding Dwindling as Pool Fund Manager urges domestic resource mobilization

The Ministry of Health’s Pool Fund Manager has made a splendid presentation on the genesis and successes of the ministry’s Pool Fund program on the second day of the ongoing three-day National Health Financing Conference, convened on August 8 in Monrovia.
The conference convened by the ministry, brings together stakeholders to dialogue on how to design and implement a health financing reform that will help the country achieve the Universal Health Coverage.

Miss Miata Gbanya recounted that the Fund was established in 2008, having seen the need for alignment of support to the National Health Plan.
She said it was set up to help finance priority unfunded needs, increase leadership of the ministry in the allocation of the sector resources among others.

Since established, “the Pool Fund has had eight audits and results showed total accountability of the fund” Miss Gbanya asserted. The MOH Pool Fund Manager further told the gathering that since established, the Fund has been managed by three external management firms- contracted by UNICEF and paid by the Fund.

“As of July 2016, the Fund management had been handed over to the ministry, something I think we all need to be happy about”.
However, Miatta said conversations are ongoing to transition the Fund.

The MOH Pool Fund Manager further explained that the Fund has had six donors and commended them for the level of financial support to the ministry. Miss Gbanya however regrettably said the donors’ contributions were now reducing and this is a wakeup call for us to begin mobilizing domestic resources for the health sector.

“50 Percent of the Pool Fund monies have been spent on HR cost and that has paid off very, providing the opportunities for health workers to stay in the facilities and provide service as evident by our health outcomes”. She said.

On the issue of challenges, Miss Gbanya said, “We have not been able to attract additional donors and there must be a strategy to look at the future of the Pool Fund.”

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