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Ministry of Health EMR Brainstorming Session

Ministry of Health in collaboration with partners has ended a one day brainstorming session aim at formulating electronic medical records (EMR) in order to strengthen data information sharing.

The objectives of the day long brainstorming session brings to bed coordination, better understand the EMR experience from Liberia, give participants a broad overview of universal health coverage , lifting of moration on free drugs possibly, reinstitution of FFS, evidence based strategy development, and full adherence to the sustainability.  The session brought together health workers and partners which fully participated in the moderate technical session to form the TORs ROADMAP, DEVELOPMENT, INTEROPERABILITY, and FOCUS PERSONS AND KEY STAKEHOLDERS.

The panel discussion on the electronic medical records (EMR) includes; officials from MINISTRY OF HEALTH,   JFK, ELWA, REDEMPTION HOSTPTAL, PARTNERS IN HEALTH etc.   

Also speaking at the technical session the Chief Medical Officer CMO, Dr. Francis S. kateh asserted “that data is important but the initial investment is very high, it’s incumbent on national government to make the needed decision to move the health sector. In addition, he said, data management improves efficiency during the workings of the health sector.

He said, the ministry of the health is ready to sit in the driver’s seat and turn this idea against people who have been playing without data”.

The day long brainstorming session was fruitful and discussion went well in the interest of health system to have a technological orderly electronic medical records. (EMR).

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