MOH Hails President Weah for Appointing Sorbor George

(June 16, 2021, Monrovia, Liberia)—the Ministry of Health is thrilled by the news of the appointment of its senior media consultant, Sorbor George on Monday, June 14, 2021, as Deputy Director General for Broadcasting at the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).

Prior to his nomination by the President, Mr George has served in several senior management positions at the Ministry, ranging from Communications Director and later elevated as Senior Media Consultant.

Furthermore, the Ministry is well pleased to commend its now former staff for the invaluable services rendered to the Liberian Government through the ministry over the years.

In his new capacity at the state broadcaster, the ministry wishes to use this medium to encourage its former employee to replicate the same level of dedication he exhibited while in its employ.

Signed: ___________________________

           Felecia Gbesioh

           Director of Communications

           Ministry of Health

MOH Confirms Increase In number of COVID-19 Cases

(June 11, 2021, Monrovia, Liberia)—The Ministry of Health (MOH) through the COVID-19 Incident Management system (IMS) confirms that there are increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

 “Within the past three days, we have had about 171 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Liberia,” Dr. Francis Kateh, Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, disclosed.

The COVID-19 update was provided on Thursday, June 9, 2021, in the Ministry’s conference room.

Giving the new variant of transmission among the populace, about 120, 000 COVID-19 TESTs have been conducted; with 2,453 confirmed cases to date (June 9, 2021), 608 of these confirmed in 2021, 300 active cases as of June 9, 2021, 92 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, 28 cases (21 confirmed and 7-suspects) in treatment unit and 89 cases are managed in home based care, while 2,058 persons have recovered, according to Dr. Jerry Brown, a member of the IMS.

“There is an active investigation on new cases and their contacts. This includes active case finding, testing and contact tracing

There is also increased surveillance to identify any new potential cases of this issue,” Dr. Brown.

The Ministry of Health is seriously concerned with this new increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, as Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has beseeched Liberians to continuously follow all health measures instituted by H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia.

She said wearing a mask, social distancing, constant hand washing, among other COVID-19 preventive measures should be seen as the national anthem by all that would guarantee the minimization of the exponential spread of the noxious Coronavirus pandemic.

“We are forgetting this time around that COVID-19 exists among us: drivers, program organizers and others are among those breaching the protocols by taking more passengers or having mass gatherings”, Dr. Jallah said

The Minister has also stressed the importance for the public to voluntarily avail themselves for COVID-19 Testing and vaccination: “Now, first phase of the vaccines is being conducted only at the Ministry of Health, while the second phase is being administered at the first locations: J.D.J, Redemption, J.F.K, UN clinics, ELWA, 14 Military, SOS, and Catholic hospitals are few health facilities you go for your second dose.”

The Ministry is aware that there will be many travelers coming into Liberia from all parts of the world. While the Ministry does not recommend any travel restrictions, it also recommends all incoming and outgoing individuals take additional precautions to prevent COVID-19. All in coming travelers must present a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) COVID-19 test result upon arrival at the airport and borders in Liberia. All incoming travelers will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Liberia. Outgoing travelers must show proof of a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results within 3 days of their departure flight.

Signed: __________________________

           Felecia Gbesioh

           Director of Communications

           Ministry of Health, R.L.

MOH Begins COVID-19 Vaccination Phase Two

(June 2, 2021, Monrovia, Liberia)—The Ministry of Health (MOH) in collaboration with partners on June 1, 2021 officially launched phase two of the COVAX Vaccines immunization at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

Phase two of the vaccination is aimed at targeting previously vaccinated persons for the completion of their respective dozes.

“The importance attached to this second doze is that it will give the 100% protection against the virus. We need to vaccinate approximately two million people”, Dr Wilhelmina Jallah said at the launch.

The first phase of the COVAX Vaccination exercise, which is still on going at various designated health facilities in the Country, has met its goal as over 56,000 persons have been vaccinated against the virus since the official launch of the nationwide vaccination exercise in April of this year.

“We are very much excited with the first phase of the vaccination, because had lots of individuals and institutions pulling for the vaccines, including churches, Mosques, schools, organizations, etc.” Dr. said. “We appreciate everyone who have participated in the process, including those who are yet to be vaccinated”.

As a way of ensuring that the Ministry meets its targets, Dr. Jallah said her team deployed a strategy by engaging stakeholders at all levels of the Liberians society for the common good of minimizing the spread of virus, and at ensuring that citizens take advantage of the vaccination process.

 “Well, as we speak, we have recording over hundred plus persons for this second phase,” the Liberian Health Minister disclosed.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Health Minister named John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Redemption, J.D.J., and 14 Military hospitals as public health facilities where the immunization will be administered; while SOS, Catholic and ELWA Hospitals, as well as the UN Clinic were among few private health facilities labeled for the vaccination.

“All of those places we started the vaccination are maintained…Please good back to where you took the first doze to get your second doze. We don’t you to go the places we’re giving the second doze, so if you didn’t take the first, we want to subject that you go to the Ministry of Health or EOC at the old maternity Center on Capitol Bypass where we will be giving the first doze. But the previous that we announced will now be administering the second doze. Do not forget your vaccination card,” she informed.

Also, Dr. Jallah admonished Liberians from all walks of life to join the immunization campaign so as to keep safe from contracting the virus.

  “We are calling on all Liberians and foreign residents alike to join us in this campaign in order to end this global pandemic. They are saying ‘pandemic’ because this virus is all over the world, which Liberia is of no exception”, she averred. 

As a way of exemplifying altruistic leadership and demonstrating how safe the vaccines are, Liberian Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah was also first to be immunized on camera, including Dr. Peter Clement, WHO Country Representative to Liberia and other high profiled government officials as well as other participants who graced the occasion.

Signed: ________________________

            Felecia Gbesioh

            Director of Communications

            Ministry of Health, R.L