Organizational Chart

The Minister of Health, who chairs the Health Sector Coordination Committee (HSCC), governs the health sector. The HSCC is comprised of the major actors and stakeholders in the sector. Its membership consists of UN agencies (WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, etc), donors (EU, USAID, Irish Aid, DFID, etc), NGOs (MERLIN, AFRICARE, AHA, EQUIP, Save the Children, IRC, MDM, etc), Civil Society Organizations and relevant line ministries (Ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Public Work, etc).

There arethree deputies and five assistant ministers at the MOH. These deputy ministers are;Deputy for Administration, Deputy for Health Services and also the Chief Medical Officer of the Republic of Liberia, and the Deputy Minister for Planning, Resource and Human Development. The five Assistant Ministers are for Curative Services, Preventive Services, Planning and Policy, Administration, and Health and Vital Statistics. See the Ministry’s structure below for further information.

The Ministry is decentralized at the district and county levels where policies and plans are implemented, while the national level is responsible for policy and strategic plans formulation and resource mobilization. Below is the structure of the MoH.


organogramAt the operational level, County Health Officers (CHOs) head the County Health Teams (CHTs), while Officers in Charge (OICs) manage health services at the facility level and District Health Officers supervise health activities within their respective districts.