Health Infrastructure

Infrastructure Development
The Infrastructure Unit is responsible for all health infrastructure related activities within the sector. Key functions of the Unit are; monitoring of constructions (e.g., clinics, health centers, hospitals, drug depots, incinerators, etc), design of health facilities standards, and infrastructure policy. Achievements in 2014 include:

  • Supervision of the construction of Ebola Treatment Units
  • Assessment of health facilities
  • Construction of regional (Bong and Grand Gedeh) vaccine cold room

The Infrastructure Unit was also part of the drive to eradicate Ebola from Liberia by designing and providing supervision in the construction of the first ETU in Liberia at the ELWA Compound. The Infrastructure Unit Designed, estimated cost and provided supervision for the construction of a community care center in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County while the design and cost estimates for the holding center at Unity Conference was also done by the Infrastructure Unit. All of these projects completed except the Sinje community care center, which is at a standstill due to funding gap.