Birth Registration

Birth registration is fundamental to ensuring a child’s legal status, their basic rights and services (UNICEF, 2006; United Nations General Assembly, 2002). Liberia is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter on the Right and Welfare of the Child. In fulfillment of these legal obligations, the Ministry has decentralized the registration of births to increase access and coverage. However, the registration of births is face with plentiful challenges that require urgent attention to achieve universal coverage within five years.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics has the responsibility to produce and issue birth certificates to persons born in Liberia regardless of their economic and social status. The low registration is a result of the over two decades of highly centralized birth registration system, and limited resources (Human, logistics, and financial) for birth registration. However, with the support of partners there are potential for increase access and coverage.

To achieve universal birth registration coverage, several measures have been instituted that include, routine registration of children at various public health facilities, regular birth registration campaigns, collaboration with other institutions,robust resources mobilization and awareness creation.

The Cost of Birth Registration for adults is Five Hundred Liberian Dollars ($500ld) and free for kids.

Requirements and schedules can be found from the following links:
1) BVS Schedule 2018. Click here to download.
2) BVS Requirements 2018. Click here to download.
3) BR Business Process 2018. Click here to download.

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